Nuts to Bolts Creative Development & Execution

Storytelling is second nature for the curious who strive for understanding culture and life with a “why not” mentality. 

We work with creatives at agencies to developing stories directly with the client with open communication and transparency.

From our work in documentaries and broadcast commercials to branded content and experiential marketing, we understand how to build campaign experiences unique to each product identity and project scope. 

a sensory experience of your brand

We illuminate the branding potential within each experience to uniquely capture each of the Five Senses.

Glasses, Sunglasses, Virtual Reality, 3D, IMAX, Performances, Activations, Art & Installations

Apparel, Footwear, Watches, Energy Drinks, Skin Care, Glaciers, Hot Springs, Sky Diving

Headphones, Speakers, Music from All over the World, Waves, Cries of Joy, Whales Singing

 Water, Refreshments, Alcohol, Restaurants, Food Products, Experimental Cuisines, Energy Products

Fragrances, Perfumes, Food, Nature, Candles

Production Services from your local foreigners

For the past 10 years our work has not only brought us around the world with local clients but our international clients have allowed us to truly work as locals around the world. We have sifted through crews in all major cities in North America, South America, and Europe and have a handful of solid crews with experience in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. 

That is why we are your local foreigners. We work in development and prep side by side with our local location scouts wherever the destination shoot is and then when we are on the ground there we are as if you hired a local team but with a seamless work flow.


Sky Diving
Location Scouting
Bungee Jumping
Stunt Motorcycling 
Multi-Lingual Services
Location Risk Benefits Assessments
Production Costs Consultation and Analysis
Kite Boarding Demos
Casting & Focus Groups
Green Production Services
Experiential Testing
Brand Integration
Live Staging & Production
The Slowest of Motion
The Quickest of Action
The Most Intimate