Push Your Limits  |  Expand Your Mind  |  Breathe Adventure

With the experience of Drewstone Production's duo, Lucas Gath(Argentina) & Tony Mancilla (Chile), we will be Latinos speaking to Latinos.

Our approach will concentrate on pulling the spirit of adventure and discovery out of programming that Discovery has created mixed with reference footage from various sources and BOLD title cards. VO emphasized by the title cards will weave into the fabric of footage with live quotes to seemingly create a dialogue, building to an aspirational and epic climax.

We will create a piece that will present Discovery in a new light: powerful, dynamic, and energetic. Moments found will be raw, verité, real but gorgeous, establishing the discovery brand in the highest production value and storytelling. 


Below you will find two videos. 

1 . "Discover the Feeling" which encapsulates the feeling of discovery, adventure, and living life like never before.  

2. "Sample Brand Reel" which exemplifies the approach we will take to the design of a video that brands will coming running after.


Some Sample Work from the Past to show Travel, Discovery, and Movement